Bethany Church,
Our goal is to share the love of Christ with you in any circumstance we may face as a church family. 
We have set up Facebook to include live broadcasts for the 9 AM Downtown Fellowship Service and also the 10:30 AM Traditions Service. These live broadcasts will then be placed on our website to enjoy later in the week. In addition, we have set up Facebook Groups for each service in hopes you will be able to share and discuss the topics of the sermon with your worship family. Instructions and links will follow.
Instructions for Livestream: (Please note, a Facebook account is necessary for livestream events)
1)  Livestream with the Church Online platform you may click on this link:
or copy and paste in your browser. 
  • Like Facebook Church Online has a live chat feature like Facebook
  • Church Online has some additional features.  One of those is “live prayer” requests.  Click the “live prayer” button and a host from Bethany will join you in “chat” prayer that the rest of the community does not see.  The live chat feature begins 15 minutes before the service starts.  
2)  Please join our Facebook Page
2) Please join your respective worship group of either Downtown Fellowship or Traditions Service (or join both!) to add any discussion or questions regarding the sermon.
•  Downtown Fellowship Group

            – This takes you to Bethany’s YouTube channel. 

            – Just keep watching for us to “go live” and click on that link. 

            – If you subscribe to this channel, it will help you find it more easily next time. 
4) Please visit our website for announcements, information regarding activities, sermons, etc.
Please note: We are aware that on Facebook, the livestream sermon events are possibly showing the incorrect broadcast times. We will livestream at 9 AM and 10:30 AM. If you set your device or computer to alert you when Bethany Church is “going live” you’ll be sure to never miss a live event.